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Model : JRI 4202- Auto Post Forming Machine

Salient Features

  • 8 Pneumatic cylinders for uniform pressure distribution on workpiece
  • Robust & rigid construction of machine structure for best post forming
  • Forming rail system for the better bonding of the LH ninate
  • Ground & LRCI chrome plated heater bars for the smooth operation and long life
  • Backstops facility provided to support long and odd shapes
  • Auto post-forming cycle with variable heating time and holding time.
  • Easy to control the stop & to timing by the digital controls

Right Machine Solution for every budget & completely realiable for all professional purpose. Tailor made machine to meet Intuitive Application Concepts.
Modern & Distinct Design, Pneumatic workpiece holding and Ergonomically designed parts ensures the perfect post forming solutions with global standards.

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Technical Specifications

JRI 4202-Post Forming Machine

Description Model - JRI 4202
Max. Length of the Work Piece 2600mm
Max. Thickness of the Work Piece 76mm
Working Table Height 900mm
Max. Temperature 210ÂșC
Max. Electrical Power 6Kw
Max. Pneumatic Pressure 0.6Mpa
Machine Dimensions 3600 x 1200 x 1750mm
Machine Weight 1100Kgs

Machine Special Features

  • image

    Hogging Unit

    Lamination Area Trimming of panels

  • image

    Radius Trimming Unit

    Radius Trimming of wood panels

  • image

    Heating Station

    Pre-heating of panel sides for gluing purpose

  • image

    Pressure Zone

    Shaping of wood panels for various profile creation

  • image

    Finishing Process

    Forming the fine finish of lamination edges

  • image

    Post Forming Work-pieces

    Samples of wood panel with different profiles