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Manual Edge Banding Machine


Model : JRI 3002-Manual Edge Banding

Salient Features

  • Best Low-Cost Edge Banding solutions for small panels
  • German Technology Sensors for high accuracy and reliability
  • User friendly machine for simple edge banding applications
  • Pneumatic Controlled Cutting devices with pre defined length
  • Used to paste PVC Tapes, Melamine Tapes & Paper Tapes
  • Adaptive to VFD for increased efficiency & accuracy
  • Additional Air Tank to prevent pneumatic accident in cyclic operations

Our Manual Edge Banding Machine is used to paste PVC Tape, Melamine Tape, Paper Tape, Veener, Wooden Strips and Mica Strips on the edges of the pre-laminated and ply-board to cover the edges. Pneumatic Cutting Device can be set to actuate the cut of band for a pre-defined length using the electronic counter.

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Technical Specifications

JRI 3002 - Manual Edge Banding

Description Model - JRI 3002
Work Piece Thickness(Max) 10mm - 60mm
Tape Edge Thickness 0.4mm - 2.0mm
Glue Pot Capacity 3 Kgs
Heating Element 3 Kw
Tape Cutting Mechanism Pneumatic (Automatic)
Control for Tape Cutting Micro Switch with Foot Switch
Glue Applied on Both Tape & Board
Machine can be run on VFD Speed Port
Front Table Adjustment 5mm Removable Strips