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Model : JRI 6200-Autoloading Beam Saw Machine

Salient Features

  • Advanced saw carriage with high feed rate driven by Helical Rack & Pinion
  • High accuracy & repeatability by advanced saw technology
  • Uniform holding by pneumatic controlled clamping beam
  • Synchronized cylinder actuation at both the ends
  • Cutting unit protected with special dust scarpers
  • Saw Motor has variable feed speed selection for different jobs

Beam Saw Machine with high feed rate driven by rack&pinion and guided on hard guide roads that ensures high cutting accuracy. oped with advance technology with multi chamber system for max. rigidity of the double roller carriage Rip-Fence with fine adjustment can be set with pinpoint precsion by adjusting screw main motor given break and timing belt.

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Technical Specifications

JRI 6200-Auto Beam Saw Machine

Description Model - JRI 6200
Maximum Cutting Length 3280mm
Maximum Cutting Width 3280mm
Maximum Height of Blade 100mm - 120(Intelligent Lifting)
Main Saw Blade (Dia) 400/450x4.4x75x72Tx140
Scoring Saw Blade (Dia) 160x4.4/5.4x45Tx24T
Forward/Backward Speed of Saw Carriage 5 - 100Mtr/min
Forward/Backward Speed of PRF Program Fence 5 - 100Mtr/min
Main Saw Motor Power 18.5Kw
Scoring Saw Motor Power 2.2Kw
Working Table Height 920mm
No. of PRF Program Fence 8 Pcs.
No. of Air Floating Table 3 Pcs.
High Pressure Blower of Air Floating Table 2.2Kw
Air Compression 6 Bar
Air Capacity 150L/min
Min Speed of Dust Collection 26m/sec
Diameter of Dust Collector 200mm x 2 Pcs / 100mm x 2 Pcs
Weight 5500Kgs

Machine Special Features

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    Saw Carriage with Blades

    Saw Carriage with Main & Scoring Blades

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    Roller Tracks

    Supports material pusher transport of panels

  • image

    Workpiece Transport

    Pneumatically controlled Solid steel clamping

  • image

    Double guided Measuring System

    Steel Panel pushers guided on both sides

  • image

    Pressure Device

    Rollers presses the workpiece for exact angle

  • image

    Sliding Table

    Eurpean Design sliding with multiple locking points