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Model : JRI 6000-Sliding Table Panel Saw

Salient Features

  • Improved internal structure, ensure stable and precision working environment
  • Aluminum sliding table with round stick rail, ensure smooth running
  • Accurate & solid rip fence with fine adjustment function
  • Massive, adjustable Euro-Design saw blade protection extraction hood
  • Saw Blade chamber tiltable (90° - 45°) with digital control with height adjustable
  • Heavyduty arm support with high precsion scoring adjustment

Heavyduty precision sliding table with linear bearing developed with advance technology with multi chamber system for max. rigidity of the double roller carriage Rip-Fence with fine adjustment can be set with pinpoint precsion by adjusting screw main motor given break and timing belt.

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Technical Specifications

JRI 6000-Sliding Table Panel Saw

Description Model - JRI 6000
Dimension of Sliding Table 3200mm x 370mm
Gross Cutting Capacity 3200mm
Max. Saw Blade Diameter 350mm
Scoring Saw Blade Diameter 120mm x 120mm
Height of Cut 80mm
Main Saw Spindle Speed 4000RPM / 6000RPM
Scoring Saw Spindle Speed 8000RPM
Main Saw Motor Power 7.5 hp
Spindle Saw Motor Power 1 hp
Main Saw Up & Down Travel Manual
Tilting Saw Table 0 - 45°

Machine Special Features

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    Panel Saw Unit

    Electronic Controlled Motor with angle adjustment

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    Safety & Tiltable Blades

    Adjustable for angles with safety & ease

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    Sliding Table

    Rigid sliding table with Roller Guideways for Accuracy

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    Quick Locking System

    Easy Locking system for Saw Cutter Units

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    Position & Measuring System

    Rib fence system for position & measurements

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    Sliding Table

    Sliding table with ball bearing & locking points