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Wood Working Spindle Moulders


Model : JRI 1001 - Spindle Moulder Machine

Salient Features

  • Heavy-duty machine for various custom applications
  • Best for Panel Moulding, Arch Moulding, Grooving, Rebating, Routing, Tenoning
  • Different / Variable Spindle Speeds for tool & application oriented
  • Electronic & Mechanical balanced spindle for vibration free operations
  • Rigid & Solid Steal Construction with anti-vibration aging treatment
  • High Precision & Accuracy ensured by Square Linear Motion Guide ways

Designed to make the profile & design on table tops, kichen shutters, drawer fronts and various type of furniture items and also suitable for mass production.

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Technical Specifications

JRI 1001- Spindle Moulder

Description Model - JRI 1001
Working Table Size 1200mm x 700mm
Spindle Actuation Pneumatic
Spindle Speed 5000RPM / 10000RPM
Installed Machine Power 5hp
Spindle Diameter 30mm
Length of sliding table 1300mm
Width of sliding table 300mm
Spindle Tilt Angle 90°-45°

Machine Salient Features

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    Sliding Table

    High Precision Guideway for accuracy & smooth

  • image

    Moulder Spindle Unit

    Quick Change & Control of Speed & Tools

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    Spindle Moulder Tilting

    Flexible tilt angle(90°~45°), suitable for any work

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    Quick Change Spindles

    Easy to change different spindle sizes

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    Safety Bar Guides

    Suitable for end-grain work(optional)

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    Auto Feeder(Optional)

    Ensures the continuous work with precision