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Multi Drilling / Boring Machines


Model : JRI 2232-Double Head Drilling Boring

Salient Features

  • Pneumatic Operated Clamping Mechanism
  • Flexible control of speed over foot operated switch
  • Easy & Quick Changing of Drills
  • Dedicated Locking System of Spindle Shaft
  • Rigid & Solid Steal Construction with anti-vibration aging treatment
  • Anti wear & tear materials used for sliding parts

Right Machine Solution for every budget & completely realiable for all professional purpose. Tailor made machine to meet Intuitive Application Concepts.
Modern & Distinct Design, Welded Chassis combination with solid cast iron table and rigid mechanism. Pneumatic workpiece holders and Ergonomically designed parts ensures it as perfect dowel boring machine with global standards.

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Technical Specifications

JRI 2232-Double Head Drilling Boring

Description Model - JRI 2232
Working Table Size 900mm x 400mm
Max. height of Workpiece 80mm
Max. depth of vertical boring head 70mm
Max. depth of horizontal boring head 40mm
Boring Spindle Speed 2800RPM (50Hz)
Vertical Boring Motor Power 1.5Kw
Maximum Working Pneumatic Pressure 0.6~0.8 Mpa
Machine Dimension 1200 x 1000 x 1550mm

Machine Special Features

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    Solid Fence

    Solide Fence on both left & right sides with profiles

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    Tiltable Drilling Unit

    Quick change drilling unit can be tiltable (0-90º angle)

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    Depth Compensation

    Drill Depth Compensation ensures self control

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    Tool Holders

    All Tool holders on fence enables ease to use

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    Adjustment Setting Fence

    Optional removable side fence for precision

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    Stright or Angle Fence

    Optional 90º or 45º angle fence for high precision