Wood Working Machines

Saw Dust Collector


Saw Dust Collector


Model : JRI 9060-Dust Collector

Salient Features

  • Strong suction power with high airflow
  • Designed for more dust filteration area
  • Compact design size and has less noise
  • High energy efficient suction motor for long life
  • Maintenance free impleller fan system
  • Heavy-duty & rigid machine construction

Dust Collectors suitable for various wood processing machines like Saw Cutter, Beam Saw, EdgeBander, Router & etc. It’s necessary to have with every machine, to keep the shop floor clean & safe. Because inhaling fine dust is dangerous to health.
We design and supply wood dust collector to extract the complete saw dust from the cutting source. We manufacture various kinds of Dust Collectors suitable for all kind of Dust Extraction purpose.

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Technical Specifications

JRI 9060-Saw Dust Collector

Description Model - JRI 9060
Motor Power 2.2Kw / 3Kw / 4Kw / 5.5Kw
Air Delivery 2350m³h / 3150m³h / 4450m³h / 8000m³h
Air Speed 35 - 40m/sec
Intake Size 100mm x 3 Nos / 4 Nos / 6 Nos
Collector Bag 480mm x 2 Nos / 4 Nos / 6 Nos
Overall Size 1200mmx560mmx2000mm
Packaging Size 1200mmx560mmx2000mm
Net Weight 65 Kgs / 95 Kgs